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Come join us as we support the Spinal Injured and help improve their daily quality of life. Sponsor opportunities available, Registration OPEN! 


Who were the winners in the Spring Slam? Find out here! 

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Supporting our Injured as they fight to recover and enjoy quality of life. 

Your support allows us to provide outdoor recreational therapy; in gym activity based therapy; equipment not covered by insurance and quality of life support. 

2021 TEAM Sponsors
Supporting Disabled Injured
GTE Financial CU

We are a Florida based 501(c)3 non profit public charity. EIN-46-1427712 

Funds raised through our events will provide scholarships that allow the Injured to attend Activity Based exercise therapy rehabilitative and recovery programs either in home with a personal trainer or in licensed facilities,  participate in adaptive sports and  enjoy recreational activities .

We also provide emotional support and guidance for the Injured and their family Caregivers.


We Support therapeutic Adaptive Sports programs and recreational outings for the injured to get back into a healthy lifestyle with improved Quality of Life. 

Want to take a fishing trip or attend Archery camp? Need tuition for a day of water skiiing or surfing with a certified program? Let us know!

We have a network of support and resources for family Caregivers so that they can continue to offer optimal care for their loved one.

We are 100% Volunteer!

Your donations MAKE a DIFFERENCE to those who suffer life changing injuries of the spinal cord.

Tomorrow it could be YOU or a loved one in need of help.

A broken neck or back are commonly caused by vehicle accidents, sporting activities, accidental falls, violence or other types of trauma.

Someone in our country is paralyzed every 38 minutes. Insurances do NOT COVER specialized recovery therapy.

Injuries commonly occur to children and young adults  age 16-30 but can happen to anyone at any age. No one is immune.  

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED to offer Rehabilitation, HOPE and Opportunity for Recovery!