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Capt Robert suffered a spinal cord injury and C6 burst fracture of the neck on August 18, 2012 while boating with friends in Crystal River when he dove in murky water to cool off. Never losing consciousness, he knew he was in trouble as popping and cracking of bones were ringing in his head. In the process of struggling to keep his head above water with limited use of his arms and no feeling in his legs, he aspirated saltwater which led to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) within 24 hours. Doctors at the Trauma facility he was airlifted to were skeptical that he would survive the serious condition which only 20% of patients recover from. It was a major setback for his recovery but after 3 weeks in an induced coma, he awoke with a passion and determination to walk again and regain use of his hands which are crucial to his work as a Charter Captain and Guide. After another 5 weeks in an inpatient rehab setting, he returned home to pursue aggressive locomotor training to help his nervous system "remember" function he desires to regain. Another setback came a year later when it was determined that he would need surgery to correct a condition known as Heterotopic Ossification that resulted from his injury. Life after injury has been difficult but he is determined to stay positive and continue recovering in different ways.  

Capt Robert attended activity based rehabilitative therapy for the first few years but the extreme cost kept him from being able to continue. His focus became "Quality of Life" and finding ways to continue doing things he enjoyed before his accident. His mission is to help Injured take time away from their daily challenges and enjoy "salt therapy" which he finds so healing. He continues to fish as often as possible using adaptive seating and equipment.  He has been diving for lobster, duck hunting and started an organic garden. While he continues to fundraise to help with daily medically related expenses, he is also an advocate for raising funds to help others recover also. Tighten The Drag Foundation was organized after his accident as a way to provide scholarships for those who are committed to getting better and living the best life possible.

Before his accident, Capt Robert fished the Tampa Bay area from Tarpon Springs to Boca Grande for over 14 years. He started his own Guide service, Gulf to Bay Sportfishing in 2011. He is a tournament angler and member of various conservation organizations. In 2010, He saved an accident victim from drowning while fishing on Easter Sunday in Tampa under the Howard Frankland Bridge and a few months later, rescued a family that had overturned their canoe and were not wearing life jackets. The youngest in the group, who could not swim, climbed on top of the canoe, nearly drowning the other family members who were caught up in their nets and lines beneath the boat. Capt Robert rescued each of them one by one from the water by cutting the lines away from them and safely delivering them back to the boat ramp. 

Capt Robert attended CORE (Center for Recovery & Exercise) in Orlando ( and enjoys spending time in his organic garden. He is passionate about organic eating and keeping his body as healthy as possible.

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September is National Spinal Cord Injury  Awareness Month



 Capt Robert has been the face of and Ambassador for Tighten The Drag Foundation while attending recovery based therapy several times a week. He does television and radio interviews promoting upcoming fundraising events for others so that everyone with his type of injury who desires to attend recovery therapy can do so. His injury and determination to find a way to recover inspired the foundation to be created. He works hard at therapy in each session to give others hope that recovery is possible and that he will not give up until his body finds a way to overcome the odds. From the beginning, we all believed that if anyone could do it, HE WOULD! Read more about him below. 


Capt Robert was a Licensed Fishing Guide and Charter Captain before his injury. 

He loved Tarpon Fishing and helping others catch their first fish.


Capt Robert dives off a crashed vehicle to save a stranger
just 16 months before the injury that shattered his neck.
Watch the video here.

Capt Robert continues to pursue his passions despite his injury...

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Mission Statement:

To extend the OPPORTUNITY for recovery and a better quality of life for those who have suffered 

a life changing paralyzing Spinal Cord Injury as a result of a catastrophic accident. 

Spinal Cord Injuries

The average newly injured person with a spinal cord injury will incur 1 million dollars in medical costs in their first year. If you are injured at age 25, your estimated lifetime costs will exceed 5 million dollars.  The average yearly medical costs after the first year can average $50,000-$100,000 depending on the level of injury. 

​ There are approximately 17,500 new spinal cord injuries in the US every year. There are over a half million people living with spinal cord injuries (SCI) in the United States.

Every 38 minutes in our country, a person becomes paralyzed. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause, with Falls being the second leading cause.

Sports related injuries are less than 10% of all spinal cord injuries but of the 10%, diving accidents account for 7%. 

There are over 5.6 million people in the US living with some type of Paralysis caused by Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer,

Spinal Cord Injury, Transverse Myelitis and other nervous system disorders. Roughly 1 in 50 people.



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