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Team Tighten TEN Club

It's a cup of coffee a few times a month, a fast food lunch or a few candy bars from the snack machine now and then that you could live without...BUT for someone who is paralyzed, $10 a month over a year's time is an hour and a half of HOPE. This covers specialized therapy to help get them on their feet again, helps to sponsor them in adaptive outdoor activities that they can safely enjoy and pays for a medical assistive devices that they need to make life a little easier. 

Let's see what the impact is when everyone joins together to LIFT...

10 Donors @ $10/mth

$100/mth x 12 mths =$1200/yr = 15 Hours of Therapy or Tuition for 3 Adaptive Activities

20 Donors @ $10/mth

$200/mth x 12 mths =$2400/yr

= 20 Hours of Therapy or Tuition for 6 Adaptive Programs

50 Donors @ $10/mth

$500/mth x 12 mths =$6000/yr OR FIFTY hours of Therapy or Tuition for TEN Adaptive Programs

100 Donors @ $10/mth

$1000/mth x 12 mths =$12,000/yr

This pays for 100 hours of therapy or 6 months of THERAPY for one individual!


Sheila Tramontana

Lucie Doyle, RN

Sherry Fee

Tighten TEN Club Members

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