Board/Directors/Committee Chairs


President Amanda Marrero

Owner Fringe Benefits Salon

Brother - Spinal Cord Injured


Vice President/Treasurer

Cathi Schmidt

Founder Krista Marie Sellars Foundation


Secretary Tony Sudduth

C3 Spinal Cord Injured 2014

Recovered and Walking

Chad Burney

Director of Partnerships

Exec VP/COO GTE Financial

C4 Spinal Cord Injured 2013

Recovered and Walking

Sheila Tramontana-Volunteer

Chair - Marketing/Sponsorship

Head Committee Chair

Son - C6 Spinal Cord Injured


Aaron Lopez - Volunteer

Ambassador Sponsorships

C7 Spinal Cord Injured


Hayden - Volunteer

Jr Ambassador -Awareness

C3 Spinal Cord Injured

Team Tighten

Team Tighten

Tighten the Drag Foundation Inc is registered as a Florida Non Profit Corporation. All members are Volunteer. No member of the Board or Committee takes a percentage of donations or benefits from the organization in any way. 


If YOU would like to be a Volunteer, please send us a message at Subject: Committee Volunteer



Amanda Ramella Marrero 

Vice President-2020-2021


Catherine Schmidt

Secretary 2020-2021


Tony Sudduth

Treasurer 2020-2021


Catherine Schmidt 



Chad Burney, GTE Financial

Ambassador Adaptive Activities

Aaron Lopez

Jr Ambassador Awareness

Director-Fishing Tournament

Capt Matt Tramontana

Director-Golf Tournament


Melissa Bodner 

Trauma ER RN


Sherry Fee

Marty Slade



Events Coordinator

Sheila Tramontana


Matt Tramontana

TR Finney

Hayden H

Event Host/MC Fishing

James Malz, Angler Armory

Official Event Photographers

Sam & Alex Scribner

Aaron Lopez

Raffle Committee

Team Tighten Volunteers

Amanda Marrero

Jess  Sallee-Fee

Sherry Fee

Liz Sorenson

Scholarship Committee

Catherine Schmidt

Tony Sudduth

Sheila Tramontana

Gratitude Committee

Betty Hiatt



VIP & Injured Committee

Micki Drapeau

Jessica Sallee

Sherry Fee

Betty Hiatt

Liz Sorenson

Jenny Malz

Erin Whatley

Cody & Morgan Drapeau

Doreen Coxon

Ciara Gaydos

Matt Gaydos







Volunteer Coordinator

Event Set Up Crew/Load-Unload/

Transport Committee

Big Rob Tramontana

T.R. Finney

Austin Fee

Chad Fee


Live Broadcast Hosts

Jason Smith, FPN Outdoors

Paul Fleming, FPN Outdoors