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Board/Directors/Committee Chairs


President Amanda Marrero

Owner Fringe Benefits Salon

Brother - Spinal Cord Injured


Vice President/Treasurer

Cathi Schmidt

Founder Krista Marie Sellars Foundation


Chad Burney

Director of Partnerships

Exec VP/COO GTE Financial

C4 Spinal Cord Injured 2013

Recovered and Walking

Sheila Tramontana-Volunteer

Chair - Marketing/Sponsorship

Head Committee Chair

Son - C6 Spinal Cord Injured


Aaron Lopez - Volunteer

Ambassador Sponsorships

C7 Spinal Cord Injured


Hayden - Volunteer

Jr Ambassador -Awareness

C3 Spinal Cord Injured

Team Tighten

Team Tighten

IMG_4215 (2).JPG

Tighten the Drag Foundation Inc is registered as a Florida Non Profit Corporation. All members are Volunteer. No member of the Board or Committee takes a percentage of donations or benefits from the organization in any way. 


If YOU would like to be a Volunteer, please send us a message at Subject: Committee Volunteer



Amanda Ramella Marrero 

Vice President-2020-2021


Catherine Schmidt

Secretary 2020-2021


Treasurer 2020-2021


Catherine Schmidt 



Chad Burney, GTE Financial

Director-Fishing Tournament

Capt Matt Tramontana

Director-Golf Tournament


Sherry Fee

Ambassador Adaptive Activities

Aaron Lopez

Jr Ambassador Awareness

Event Host/MC Fishing

Team Tighten Volunteers

James Malz, Angler Armory



Jason Smith, Full Metal Fishing

Paul Fleming, Blacktip Boats


Sheila Tramontana

Events Coordinator

Melissa Tramontana


Matt Tramontana

TR Finney

Scholarship Committee

Sheila Tramontana

Raffle Committee

Amanda Marrero

Event Set Up Crew/Load-Unload/

Transport Committee

Ciara Gaydos

Matt Gaydos

Sherry Fee

Betty Hiatt

Erin Whatley

Paige Sosa

Hannah Rebholz

Stephanie Debroux
TR Finney

Rachel Hoffman

Rene Monje

Big Rob Tramontana

T.R. Finney

Rene Monje

Matt Gaydos


Social Media Content Manager

Hayden H

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