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Ways You Can Help


  • DONATE Gift Cards! Sometimes companies give away gift cards for purchases or enrollments. Donate those! During the holidays, companies will lump Buy 4 get 1 free gift cards. Donate your free one! If you receive a gift card for a national brand of restaurant or discount store as a gift and you will not use it, donate those! Small Gift cards for $5 - $10 - $15 at fast food restaurants and GAS cards make GREAT gift cards to give to caregiving family members who take loved ones to Dr appts, therapy visits, or therapeutic outings. 

  • HAVE a yard sale of unwanted items and donate your proceeds to the foundation. Every $100 pays for ONE hour of therapy for a paralyzed individual.

  • ASK friends and family members to DONATE online in whatever amounts they can IN LIEU of birthday or holiday gift giving.

  • SPONSOR a fishing or golf team at our events.

  • SAVE your CHANGE throughout the year and cash in at year end. DONATE online or send a check for your savings during National Spinal Cord Awareness Month in SEPTEMBER.

  • Start a Birthday post on Facebook to encourage your friends to donate to Tighten The Drag Foundation

  • Purchase online through AMAZON SMILE and select Tighten The Drag Foundation

  • Share our posts on YOUR social media sites. Raising awareness gets the word out FAST to people we may not have the opportunity to meet. Its SOCIAL word of mouth!

  • ASK your company to add TIGHTEN THE DRAG FOUNDATION to their list of non profits and MATCH your donation directly taken from your paycheck each pay period.

  • ASK your company to sponsor an event to promote and market their business and we will recognize them on our Social Responsibility site "Companies Who Help Others"

  • ASK Co-workers to donate $1.00 once a month and collectively send a donation as a group. You can do this with family members, groups you are involved in or organizations you belong to.

  • Be creative, there are lots of ways you can help others! You never know when a life changing injury could happen to you or someone you love. Help us continue our work so that every person injured has the opportunity to attend rehab therapy and recover at levels never expected.



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