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Capt Travis Yaeckel

Instinct Fishing Charters




Capt William Wise

Badfish Charters

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                   Professional Fishing Guides who Support Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

Tighten The Drag Foundation Ambassador Capt Robert was a Tampa Bay area fishing Guide who enjoyed networking with other Guides and supporting their causes. The foundation recognizes those Guides who  have supported HIM in his journey to recover and our mission to help others with a better quality of life after injury. 

The licensed Professional Guides below have donated to our cause, participated in our events or shown our VIP guests and Sponsors a good time in Tampa Bay during our events. Angling Guides are a special breed of people who love the outdoors, are conservationists, care about the natural habitats and future of the fish they enjoy catching and releasing. It is our pleasure to SUPPORT those Guides who not only care about wildlife but also about giving our Injured and their families a great day on the water to help them forget about their daily challenges and to make good memories again. When you are looking for a Fishing Guide from the Tampa Bay area, please call one of the Captains who participate in our catch and release fishing events and who take the time to HELP OTHERS.

CAPTS who have GUIDED our Disabled Teams

Capt Greg Leonard     All Anglers Inshore Fish

Capt Ryan Harrington     Reel Estate Charters

Capt Brett Norris       Rock Bottom Charters

Capt Brian Gearhart  Gulf Coastin Charters

Capt Danny Trevino    Sea Patron Charters

Capt Mike Goodwine  Blackneck Adventures

Capt Trey Rodriquez   Trey Rod Charters

Capt Court Douthit    Recreational Specialists

Capt John Gordon      Tampa Bay Fishing Char

Capt Justin Lofaro      All American Charters

Capt Frank Leto         Cast n Blast FL Charters

Capt Will Burbach     Fish Tampa Flats Charters

Capt Lori Hall            LadyFish Charters

Capt Frankie Diaz     Inshore Rush Fishing Charters

Capt Anthony Corcella      Pocket Change Charters

Capt William Wise     Badfish Charters

Capt Rafa Russo         @Freedom Boat Club

Capt Don Harris        Blue Collar Fishing Charters

CAPTS who have donated Charters 

Capt Tommy Dominquez  Take A Day Off Fishing

Capt Anthony Corcella      Pocket Change Charters

Capt John Jackson            Fish Reel Easy Charters

Capt Brian Gearhart          Gulf Coastin Charters

Capt James Beers              Local Knowledge Charters

Capt Will Burbach               FishTampaFlats

Capt Rob Collins                 10% Fishing Charters

Capt Zac Sturm                   Zac Sturm Fishing

Capt Tim Whitfield             Swiftfish Charters

Capt Capt John Baty      Forever Hooked Charters

Capt John Gunter               Capt John Gunter 

Capt Ty Colby                      Tell No Tails Charters

Capt Griffin Deans              Slot Machine Fishing

Capt Max McKinley            Maxed Out Fishing

Capt James Lowe                LoweTide Charters

Capt Bobby Goodwin     Tampa Bay Sportfishing

Capt Joel Brandenburg   AnaBanana Fishing Co

Capt Derick Burgos        Phatfish Kayak Charters

Capt Brian Lemelin         Optimus Fishing Charters

Capt Graham Taylor        Grizzlefish Guide Service


GUIDES who have fished and supported our event:


Capt Tim Whitfield             Swiftfish Charters

Capt Cristian Minami         Inshore Society

Capt Kenneth Walker         Inshore Society

Capt Dencil Powell            Rajun Cajun Charters

Capt Tom Briese

Capt Zac Sturm                 Zac Sturm Fishing

Capt James Beers             Local Knowledge Fishing

Capt Jake Fernandez       

Capt Paul Gage                 Reeling Freedom LLC

Capt James Garrison         Flats Mafia

Capt Bubba Betancourt     Invasion Charters

Capt Chris Shepherd  

Capt Geno Maxwell           Island Lure Charters

Capt Ty Colby                    Tell No Tails Charters

Capt Trajan Rodriquez    Trey Rod Fishing Charters

Capt James Lowe              LoweTide Fishing Charters

Capt Joel Brandenburg      AnaBanana Fishing Co

Capt Graham Taylor          

Capt Will Burbach              FishTampaFlats

Capt Eddie Caldwell          

Capt Bobby Goodwin          Tampa Bay Sportfishing

Capt John Gordon               Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Capt John McLay                OuttaLine Charters

Capt Jay Plastic                  Stealth Adventures

Capt Jeff Schneider             

Capt Craig Weaver             Saltwater Addiction 

Capt James Pelham

Capt Lori Hall                      Ladyfish Charters

Capt Derick Burgos            Phatfish Kayak Charters

Capt Jacob Hertz               St Pete Kayak Fishing Charters


GUIDES who have fished and support our events:


If you are a local Professional Guide who would like to be involved in our Tournaments by accepting a Charter to compete in our Guided or Adaptive Divisions or you would like to enter your own Clients, please contact to be placed on our availability list. You will also be listed year round on our Professional Guide page to help your business grow.

If you would like to DONATE a Charter to build your business, please let us know. We will promote your donation across social media, list you on our website WITH a link to your business and add your logo to tournament banners. You are also invited to attend our events and may provide promotional materials which will be given out in Team bags.