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National SCI Awareness Month September

In September during NATIONAL SPINAL CORD INJURY AWARENESS MONTH, you can MAKE a DIFFERENCE to those trying to recover by helping to fund Recovery Scholarships.


Imagine... in a SPLIT SECOND, an unsuspecting accident takes away your ability to move independently and you are told you will be "lucky" to feed yourself and will "never" walk again.

This is the most common scenario for those who have just suffered a Spinal Cord Injury. Through Activity Based Exercise Therapy, Aqua therapy, recreational activities and adaptive sports programs, the injured can recover movement, gain strength, be happier and lead fuller lives.


Here's what YOU can do to HELP!
Especially during September, but hopefully EVERY month, you will commit to helping CHANGE the lives of those with SPINAL CORD INJURIES by saving your spare change. It's a painless way to help out and every amount adds up to hours of paid therapy!

Ask your Co-workers, gym buddies, community, groups, family and besties to join you! At the end of each month, you can total your change, CASH it in and then donate your deposit online! Your tax deductible donation will go directly to funding a THERAPY SCHOLARSHIP for one of our applicants.

(Visit our Injured Page)

TAG us on social media holding up your bucket of CHANGE to show your support and encourage others to donate!



Not everyone can do big things, but everyone can do

small things with great love ~ Mother Teresa 


Fundraising on your own!

Surgery to repair the damage is over. You are starting to face the reality of your injury. All you can think about is getting better and beating the odds. Doctors and Nurses are not optimistic about your future and actually give you a 1-5% chance of walking again. They tell you that you will "never" be able to do this, or that. DON'T BELIEVE a word of it!

NO ONE can predict how your body will HEAL and what you will be able to accomplish with dedication to the hard work ahead of you. Research and Science changes daily and new innovations, discoveries and opportunities become available. TOMORROW could be a break through for all those with SCI and it is always too soon to give up. We have seen all levels and types of injuries recover to some degree, including walking again when every single one of those injured were originally given the same prognosis as you.

At Tighten The Drag Foundation, we are on the same journey as you and those of your family and friends. We work at fundraising FOR YOU everyday so that we can help YOU attend therapy programs if you choose to.


However, soon after your injury, you will want to hold some fundraisers to help with your expenses, home modifications, medical expenses, caregivers, pet sitters, anything you may need until you can get a grasp on your new "normal."

Chances are you will be unable to work for quite some time, so fundraising by family and friends will be important to help you through several months following injury. You will be overwhelmed with the support you will receive in the beginning and it will fade away, unfortunately, after a few months. Ask your family to oversee fundraising efforts on your behalf beginning right away.


We have listed some fundraising ideas. If you have a successful fundraiser, please send us a message and tell us about it so that we can share with others! If you want to hold one of these events but dont know where to start, send a message to and we will be happy to send you a "how to" worksheet.


Help with Fundraising:





  • Fishing Tournament (Kids Only - Freshwater (Lakes) - Saltwater (Inshore-Offshore) - Pier - Seawall

  • Golf Tournament

  • 1k-5k walk/run

  • Casino Night

  • BBQ Rib Dinner (More successful around SuperBowl time!)

  • Skeet Shooting Event

  • Festival

  • Art Show

  • Tournaments of various kinds

  • Poker Runs




  • Donation Booths at local community events

  • Yard Sales/Rummage Sales

  • Car Wash

  • Candy Sales

  • Garden or Plant Sale

  • Home Parties (Jewelry/MakeUp)

  • Spaghetti Dinner

  • T-Shirt Sales

  • Raffle

  • Restaurant Night (in honor of injured)

Income Producers (Over $5000) but require planning and volunteers
Smaller Events $500-$1500) Can do on short notice with small groups
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