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Tighten The Drag Foundation was created to help those who have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury .  Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries will require that you DIG DEEP and FIGHT HARD with everything you have in order to RECOVER. Competitive Tournament Anglers use the term "tighten the drag" as a reference to bearing down on a fish to overpower, take control and be successful at achieving the goal of landing the fish. It is man vs beast. To overcome your 1-3% odds of recovery that every Spinal Cord Injured receives, YOU will need that same inner determination, grit and willpower when you are fighting to get your body back to health!

Aggressive ongoing activity based therapeutic rehabilitation as well as recreational outings will help insure you enjoy a better quality of life. Tighten the Drag Foundation assists with making rehabilitation happen for those who are willing to put forth the effort to beat the odds.  You CAN do this!  Keeping a great outlook on life also means getting  outdoors often and enjoying whatever activities you did before your accident to help you stay positive and active.  

Tighten the Drag Foundation Inc was established to help those who have experienced a traumatic spinal cord injury. The journey back to health after an injury is difficult for you, and the purpose of this Foundation is to help afford you the opportunity to recover through aggressive rehabilitation, from activity based exercise to recreational outings and to help support family Caregivers with the day to day commitment of optimal caregiving for a loved one. Do you know someone who needs help?

Contact us today and nominate a recipient/family who may need assistance.



  • Annual Fishing Fundraising Tournament; Year Round ongoing Virtual Walk/Run/Rolls to raise funds for our Quality of Life Scholarship Programs

  • ​Therapeutic ​Sponsored Outdoor Activities and Outings  

  • Ongoing Support for Families of Spinal Cord Injured 

  • Help with Fundraising Ideas You Can Do At Home

  • Helpful Links to Valuable Resources

  • Latest News on Rehabilitation, Research and Recovery


  • ​​Nominate Someone who needs Assistance

  • Let us know about a Caregiving Family

  • Follow us on all the social media sites for important updates on our Injured and medical news 

  • Support Tighten The Drag Foundation by sharing with others to RAISE Awareness about our cause.

  • DONATE as  little as $10 a month to help our injured have HOPE for RECOVERY through THERAPY to rehabilitate and improve quality of life

therapy scholarships

Activity Based aggressive therapy and exercise programs for the Spinal Cord Injured are not covered by insurance. Adaptive Sports Programs and Recreational "therapy" is not offered in traditional rehabilitation. Tighten the Drag Foundation seeks to assist qualified  Spinal Cord Injured candidates with funding assistance to cover ongoing therapy needs and adaptive sports program tuitions to provide a break from the daily stresses of their everyday life. Because we believe that being in the outdoors is vital and beneficial to the health and well being of every individual, especially those dealing with difficulties in life, we help by providing resources for programs in your area that  provide much needed fun and variance from your normal daily routines, not only for you but for your family caregivers as well. Individuals can be nominated for consideration or referred by a medical professional. Nominate an Individual for therapy needs or a Family Caregiver in need of emotional support. 

Please note Benefits cannot be paid directly to injured or individuals for personal expenses. 


Tighten The Drag Foundation hosts fundraising events year round on a continual basis to provide scholarships which cover a variety of needs by the spinal cord injured.  Our signature events are our Spring and Fall Fishing Tournament and our Winter Gold Classic. We also hold various other events throughout the year such as our ongoing Virtual Walk. If you are a business who would like to SPONSOR a family or DONATE to an event, please let us know. Donations of products to auction or raffle  are ALWAYS needed and businesses will be recognized on our website and media materials. You can request a Sponsorship Packet by emailing 


At TTDF, our goal is to help those who do not have the resources to attend therapy programs. Our recipients come from medical professional referrals and from friends and family who nominate someone in need. Send us their story and we will review all candidates and contact you to see how we can assist and what your specific needs are. Please follow our Facebook/Instagram and Social Media pages for updates on our recipient's progress.


A spinal cord injury affects the whole family.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, close friends and significant others are often thrown into a world which is completely turned upside down. Not only do they deal with the emotional aspect of their loved ones injury, but also must take care of things that would have normally been taken care of by the otherwise independent person. Some Caregivers are forced to give up their occupations and jobs, siblings delay college or other school or family plans and friends must learn new ways of enjoying the same activities as before with the injured. This can take a toll on everyone. At Tighten The Drag Foundation  we care about the Caregivers. You can nominate an individual or family who just needs a little extra pampering or pick-me-up to help them get through the early stages of recovery as well as the long term realities in some cases. Special "care" packages are sent to deserving Caregivers who put their loved one with a spinal cord injury first. If you have a business that would like to recognize and support Family SCI Caregivers by providing gift certificates for services or products to improve daily living, please let us know!

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