TEAM Kirk   C5-6

Kirk was a 22 year old on his way to work when he decided to wait to get coffee and gas at a cheaper station on his three hour drive to work early in the morning. He dozed off and startled himself awake when he hit a roadside mile marker sign sending his truck into a fishtail as he tried to get back to the pavement which sent his truck flipping into a ravine.  With his window down for fresh air just prior, his body pushed against the seat belt that kept him inside the vehicle. He blacked out after impact and laid there until first responders arrived and cut his truck open.   He describes the feeling he felt in his body as an internal heat. He went in and out of consciousness until he awoke in the hospital on a ventilator and was told he was a quadriplegic from a cervical spinal cord injury. 

Kirk has an intense workout ethic and has moved seven times to find the best care available.  He is currently working out in the Barwis program, is enjoying life again and went fishing for the FIRST time since his accident in Spring 2018 on a scholarship provided by our foundation. There are many firsts since his accident and he has overcome the tough ones and enjoyed the exciting ones.

Kirk is currently in school for accounting and wants "everyone to realize that everyday we are blessed with a day to improve who we were the day before physically, mentally and emotionally.  I want to help others realize that no matter who you are today, you are a better you than you were yesterday. "


You can help Kirk stay active and healthy by donating to him here at TEAM KIRK to help support adaptive activities and continued regular workouts.