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Sam was a 23 year old Navy Vet and Avid Surfer...


Sam was 23 when he was injured on April 16, 2016. He fractured his neck at the C4-C5 level injury. You would think that Sam's injury was the result of a surfing accident but, Sam and his friends were enjoying a day just hanging out when they tipped him over in a hammock. His feet became entangled in the webbing and he landing on his head. He spent 2 ½ months at Orlando Regional Medical Center and began aggressive physical and occupational therapy at CORE Orlando, Next Step and Brooks Medical in Daytona Beach.


Prior to his accident Sam was an avid surfer. He served in the Navy and had returned home. At the time of his accident Sam was planning on moving in with some of his friends. His attitude has remained strong throughout this very trying period. He is very motivated to achieve independence and has recently begun designing his own line of clothing under the brand Muel’s Apparel, as in saMUEL’s as well as a media company called Muels Media. You can find some of his work on YouTube.


Sam also has a fundraising page where you can find out about upcoming events and how to support his recovery.