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Quality of Life Giving

Well the holidays are here again...a time when most of us focus on rushing around "buying" things we think are necessary for bringing joy to others...we shop for "deals" pushing our way through store aisles in front of others just to stack the tree with piles of gifts...we buy more and more racking up credit cards and spending ourselves into oblivion chasing the elusive feeling of "fulfillment."

This year...start a new tradition....we are not asking you to stop your holiday giving but we encourage you to buy a few less gifts and instead, give a gift in honor of your family members to help those who have suffered an instant tragic accident that changed their life forever. Give the gift of a small donation for each family member and tell them in a notecard how their "gift" is going to improve he quality of life for someone in need. Your gift will be a win-win and a year long "feel good" moment for everyone! When long after the thrill of unwrapping an item under the tree has passed, your gift of giving will continue as you follow the progress of those you have helped to support in their journey to a better quality of living.

For those who have broken their neck or back which resulted in a spinal cord injury, their paralysis therapy is costly beyond measure. When you consider that the average injured person needs 2-3 hours a day 3-5 days a week for optimal recovery and health, the cost for specialized rehabilitation is three times the average mortgage payment for a middle class family home. Imagine being unable to work due to your paralysis and dependent on others for help. Now you must raise over $4000 every month just to cover your therapy bill excluding any other essentials like food and housing. Most of the injured give up after realizing it is just too exhausting and daunting of a task. Without the help and support of strangers willing to give a small portion of their earnings, recovery is not possible for those in need of daily exercise to prevent common complications like atrophy, poor circulation, heart problems, obesity, osteoporosis, pressure sores, infections....just to name a few. Without therapy, there is no hope for quality of life.

You can give the gift of HOPE for each and every member on your Christmas list! A donation as small as $10 for each person on your list will help an injured receive rehabilitation by a expert in the field of recovery.

Will it become your new family tradition of giving? You won't believe how satisfying and fulfilled you will feel all year long. Click here to make a donation in honor of your family members. You are amazing! Pass that "feel good" moment onto your friends...they will thank you for the joy you shared in helping them start a new tradition of giving too...

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