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Healthy Eating

healthy food

Keeping your body healthy and strong as well as keeping your energy level up allows you to do the things you want to do and be at your best for your therapy activities. Avoid the foods that can add weight, leave you lethargic or cause your sugar levels to peak and drop.

So much of our food now contains preservatives, chemicals and additives that we were unaware of in the past are now beginning to surface. True organic food might be slightly more costly but the taste of "real" is so much better! You wont believe how tasty your fruits are and how good a fresh salad can be! Many of the grocers and larger stores like Sams are now carrying organic products at great prices. Check your labels and price shop.

Growing your own fruits and veggies is another option and no matter where you live, there is room for small space gardening. Grow just enough for your family if you are limited on space.

Changing your diet can also help to improve your outlook, improve your mood and enable you to cope with daily situations better. Certain foods have seratonin properties . Kale, Coconut, Banana, and yes, even dark chocolate are great for energy and mood. There are also some "superfoods" out there that most people don't know about that have numerous health benefits and can help your body fight off bacteria, infection and other complications that may set in when you are not as mobile as you would like to be. "Moringa Oleifera" for example, prevents over 300 diseases! including ones common to SCI like Urinary Tract Infection. It also improves digestion, improves wound healing, is an antidepressant and helps to normalize blood pressure. It also increases energy and endurance and skin health. If you have not heard of this superfood, contact your local organic grower or nursery to see if they carry this medicinal plant. You can eat the leaves with salads, crush the leaves to create a powder like a spice or juice it for an energy drink. Virtually every part of the plant is edible. Bottom line is that if you eat healthier, you will feel better and be stronger and give your body every chance at healing and overcoming your injuries. Be your own advocate!


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