HAYDEN was a happy, healthy 6 year old on June 30, 2015 when a vehicle he was a front seat passenger in crashed. The accident left him a quadriplegic with a high level C3-C5 cervical injury.



After reducing medications that Hayden was using, he has been able to move his right arm to his lips on command! Movement that he had not had before is a HUGE sign of hope that his body is restoring function to his upper limbs!!



Hayden lives in an area of Alabama where specialized therapy for Spinal Cord Injured is not available. Our goal is to bring him to Florida for a week of training and teaching so his family can do some of the exercises he needs until they can find a personal trainer in the community to help him at home. He also needs a "Gym in a Box" of fun equipment that he can do that will keep him encouraged yet help him at the same time. We also are planning a little fun in Orlando to help give him a little respite from his day to day stresses and adversity. Each time you participate in our events, you are helping to grow our Scholarship Fund that enables us to help kids like Hayden. Timing is critical and the sooner his therapy begins, the best chance he has of regaining movement.



You can make a donation to Hayden through our website by mentioning #TeamHayden on your transaction and sending us an email letting us know your donation is to be earmarked for him.

Participation at our Fishing and Golf Tournaments right down to buying  a Raffle ticket will help support the Fund that helps Hayden.


Hayden loves baseball and the Univ of Alabama football team. He has a one year old baby brother he was able to play with just a short time before his accident.



Hayden has been able to travel to Chicago Shriners for a brief introduction to the specialized therapy he needs. He is in need of a Functional Electrical Stimulation bike that would help his leg muscles keep strength, improve circulation and reduce spasms. The cost of the bike is $17,000. Please help us reach this goal for Hayden.


Update January 2017

Hayden was able to buy the FES Bike for home use and will begin his at home therapy right away! As he grows, he will need upgraded equipment to keep up with his changing body. Please continue to help by donating to the Hayden Hulsey Trust which is used to care for his needs as he grows. 

Update 2018

Hayden weaned off his ventilator in the summer of 2018...a HUGE accomplishment for someone who was never supposed to breathe on his own again.  He made two trips to Florida for therapy sponsored by Team Tighten and was able to take two fishing trips, visit the Marine Aquarium to meet Winter & Hope and placed 1st in the Guided Division for his age group in the Fall Slam. He just continues to get stronger and better. 

Update 2019

Hayden will be spending a week in Florida in Sept going fishing with his favorite Capt , filming a promo video, visiting the Aquarium, taking a scenic boat ride on Crystal River and taking a dolphin cruise.  He is doing fantastic in school and growing taller and stronger everyday! 

Hayden's family wants to advocate for children who are placed in front facing car seats or who ride in front seats of vehicles at a young age. Placing children in the back seat can give them a better chance at avoiding serious injury in a head on car accident.

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