On December 1, 2013 David was riding his motorcycle with a friend in California. As he went into a left turn, his bike just laid down. His bike crashed into the guard rail breaking his leg in two places, leaving him unconscious and paralyzed below the waist. His front tire apparently hit a pothole in the road, according to his friend who was following him which caused him to lose control.


Since his injury, David has participated in many Adaptive Sports Programs from snow skiing to disc throwing. There seems to be nothing he won't try.


David travels a great deal after retiring as an Army Captain after 26 years of service. He was deployed in Desert Storm and Iraq.


After his injury, he participated in a clinical research project for the VA to determine the benefits of electrical stimulation and rowing.


He is the Co-Owner of a gym called Accessible Fitness and also works for a company called "Pants Up Easy" that enables those with mobility issues to change and remove clothing easier.  This is very instrumental for those who want to be as independent as possible and can also assist caregivers.




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