Jacen's Story

On August 29th, 2016 in Clarksville, TN while Jacen was being pushed in a stroller, he was hit by a car. He spent months in the hospital and rehab facility. He was left with a spinal cord injury (C7) that left him unable to walk or use his legs. He has shown a lot of improvement over the past year but he has a long way to go. The physical therapy he is currently in is focused on getting him adjusted to life in a wheelchair and not really making much of an attempt to unlock the potential he has shown us he has. We have also heard from quite a few people with similar injuries that a lot of traditional physical therapies share that view. Jacen is living in Florida with his father and now has the opportunity to attend specialized spinal cord injury therapy.


Jacen started therapy at CORE (Center for Recovery and Exercise) in November 2017. He is loving it and showing great progress! If you would like to help Jacen on his recovery journey, you can donate on his personal page or use the DONATE button on this page to make a tax deductible donation for his ongoing therapy. Comment TEAMJACEN






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