Tony was 27 yrs old and was injured in July 2014 on a water slide at a birthday party. A freak accident left him paralyzed at the C3 level. Tony was born and raised in Macon, Mississippi but was residing in Okeechobee, Florida at the time of his injury.  Tony is a dad with a young son. Tony played baseball, basketball, and football in high school and went on to play baseball and basketball at a Junior college as well. Tony loves fishing, especially bow fishing!  A bow fishing tournament was set up as a fundraiser just after his injury. He is a Farmer and Rancher.



Tony has responded remarkably well to therapy and has been able to move his legs and his arm!



Tony was discharged from inpatient rehab and WALKED out the front door! Tony still has some difficulty with one arm and hand but has made incredible progress in just 6 short months! He has made a successful recovery and is on his feet again! He is continuing to pursue his recovery in activity based therapy and needs to fundraise to cover the $100/hr fees.
























A fundraising site has been set up on the GoFundMe website to help the family with ongoing rehabilitation and expenses. Click here to HELP!

UPDATE: January 2015
In just 6 short months, Tony, a diagnosed C4 quadriplegic was back ON HIS FEET and WALKING and went fishing after being released from rehab.

He has returned home, continues rehab therapy but is well on his way to overcoming the odds. He already put the "you will never walk again" one to rest.


Tony is up to about 15-20 minutes of walking each day with only the use of his cane. He still gets very tired and fatigued but getting better. He is planning a return trip for extensive therapy to Shepherd Center soon and has set a goal of getting back on the wake board this summer! He is still an active hunter and fisherman and enjoys spending time with his young son. He is able to drive and works out with a Personal Trainer and does alot of task therapy on his own. We are all so happy for his remarkable recovery!



Tony has joined Tighten The Drag Foundation as an Ambassador and Board Member to encourage newly injured that there is HOPE for recovery. He visits with injured, encourages them via communication and raises awareness about our Quality of Life  scholarships. He is 90% recovered, including bladder/bowel function. He walks with a slight limp and has trouble with one hand but considers himself very blessed.

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