Aaron was 21 years old when he was involved in a motorcycle accident which resulted in his paralysis. It's going to be a long road, but you can help.

On January 10th, 2014, 21 year old  Aaron was struck by a car while riding his motorcycle. The vehicle turned left into a driveway leaving Aaron with no place to go. He was Life Flighted to the local trauma center with multiple traumatic injuries including collapsed lungs, crushed ribs and broken back. The spinal injury has caused his paralysis from approximately his diaphragm down. Aaron struggled in ICU/ Trauma Recovery with respiratory failure but survived his ordeal. It's going to be a long road for Aaron, and he's going to need support. We want Aaron to focus on recovering, and possibly even walking again. He will need specialized medical equipment, transportation, nursing and the like for the foreseeable future. Even with insurance the costs are going to be unbearable. The next few years are going to be an amazingly hard time for Aaron and his family. Please help make him as comfortable as we can so he can focus on healing.

Aaron works out regularly where he trains in an activity based program several times a week. His family constantly fundraises to pay the costs of his necessary recovery therapy. You can help!


You can help donate to Aaron's recovery and visit his fundraising sites by clicking below:




Update 2015

Aaron has recently been experiencing tingling in his legs and has been able to move his right leg in therapy. Just one year and a few months, his sensation is beginning to return.

Follow his progress and donate to his fundraising page to help him continue his needed therapy.


Update 2016


January 2014

Aaron has continued to make progress in therapy and has an upcoming fundraiser to allow him to continue attending rehab in an activity based exercise center.

Aaron has enrolled in college and is excited about attending. He participates in activities such as skeet shooting and fishing and has recently been working on projects at home. He is an advocate for motorcycle rider awareness and looks forward to the future.

Aaron did some traveling across country in late 2016 and visited the

Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and areas out west. Aaron enjoys working with his hands on various projects, got his driver license (again) this year and does his own maintenance on his truck.  When his therapy center closed down, he lost the ability to get regular therapy but stays active and positive in his recovery.

Update 2018

Aaron is in school studying Engineering so that he can advise builders on creating accessible structures, parks and recreational areas that benefit the disabled community. 

He is also traveling, photographing beautiful sights across the US. He is writing about his travels and things he sees and keeps a positive outlook about moving forward. 

Update 2019


Aaron is fulfilling his passion of fishing by purchasing a small Bass Tracker bass boat and has registered to fish in a tournament series for abled and disabled anglers. We are happy to support Aaron as he inspires others to keep doing what they love! Follow Aaron for updates on how he does in the series and throughout his travels this year!