Team BRYCE    C4-5


"My name is Bryce Snively, and as you can see I'm in a wheel chair. I was born and grew up in Winter Haven, Florida. My parents got a divorce when I was young so I lived with my mom and older brother most of the time. As a kid I enjoyed hunting, fishing, riding four wheelers, dirt bikes, and mostly everything outdoors.  Growing up I always heard "don't drink and drive," but I always thought "nah I'm a good driver that could never happen to me." On April 28,2007 when I was 19 I made a bad decision and got behind the wheel while intoxicated. I was driving too fast around a curve and flipped into a tree. I don't remember the crash. I do remember leaving a friends house blasting my stereo and after the crash at the scene when firefighters and paramedics had their bright lights on my car trying to get me out with the jaws of life. I didn't feel any pain because I broke my neck and severed my spinal cord which paralyzed me instantly from the chest down.  My body is still numb from my chest down today. I was in the hospital for a month but I don't remember the first week because of all the medication I was on from surgery on my neck and leg. After the hospital I was flown to a rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta for 2 months for physical therapy. I finally came home and lived with my mom in Lake Wales as she took care of me for about five years. When I came home I still wanted to hang out and party. That was a rough and depressing time for both of us. A lot of friends stopped coming around and I became very lonely. It was a big change, I just couldn't come and go and do whatever I wanted. I remember praying to God in my dark room for change. I finally got motivated and now live by myself, drive myself, and thankfully have a lot of independence back. It still isn't easy, but I am just thankful to be alive. I am here to try to make a difference and help save lives from bad decisions. I never thought this could happen to me, but it could happen to anybody.


Tighten The Drag Foundation stepped into my story in 2017. I haven't been in physical therapy or even had any weight-bearing exercises since I was discharged in 2007. They've helped get me back into therapy and now I'm working out again at the Center of Recovery and Exercise. For this, I am extremely thankful."